Imagine you make a presentation and everyone listens. Nobody looks at their smartphone and in the end there is a storm of enthusiasm. With me you develop and refine your abilities to draw an audience under your spell. You'll find answers to the following questions: How do I feel safer? How do I look competent and confident? How do I translate a text or an outline into free speech that is authentic? How do I integrate powerful storytelling? In short: Learn to transform your stage fright into positive energy (stage fright) and to have a conversation instead of performing.


  • Presentation preparation - target and addressee oriented planning
  • Personal charisma - appearing safe, competent, committed and friendly in front of groups
  • Participant orientation - establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with the group of participants, reliably grasping and verbalising the respective benefit for the listener, shaping the situation interactively
  • Rhetoric - present in an understandable, confident and stimulating way, argue convincingly
  • Present complex issues vividly, react safely to questions and objections
  • Dramaturgy - arousing, guiding and maintaining attention and interest
  • Storytelling - The structure of a thrilling story
  • Visualization - design or select visual media and use them effectively
  • Brief preparation of presentations: Spontaneous speech and defence of theses
  • Ability to improvise for all situations
  • Training of beamer presentations (with video feedback)